Corinth Family Medical Center PC

We are conveniently located across from the Corinth Elementary school

and beside Lonnie's Sporting Goods.

Caring for our community

You need peace of mind about your child's progress and growth, and that's just what you'll get at Corinth Family Medical Center. We keep details of all your visits so notes can be compared on each and every visit.

No appointment - no problem. Walk-ins are accepted!

You have access to a wide range of services at our offices. Some of the issues we handle include asthma, allergies, skin problems, rashes, sinusitis, ear problems, cough, and digestive issues.

Come to us for many issues

You can also come to us for chest congestion, heartburn complaints, and runny nose. Chronic pediatric care is available, and we're proud to accept Medicaid, private insurance, and self-pay.

How can we help?

A safe, secure, and friendly environment


Your child will safe in our hands

Doctor checking a kid's mouth allervision